How To Break Your Addiction To Negative Thinking


Welcome, today we are going to be talking about negative thinking, a problem that affects the life of more and more people everyday.

I will also show you ideas and valuable knowledge that will help you escape from this way of thinking.

In general, having a negative mind always comes with a pessimistic attitude.

And now you may be thinking that this is normal, that it’s only a way of being from different people, but let me tell you that adopting this attitude and mentality is not as insignificant as it seems.

It turns out that our way of thinking hugely affects the quality of our lives, and if you find yourself with either a little bit or a lot of negative thoughts invading your life, it is a problem on which you must work.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

How We Develop This Way Of Thinking?

First of all I want you to know that a lot of what we think works on “autopilot mode”.

Through repetition, in some way we hypnotize ourselves to think in a certain way.

The mind on “autopilot mode” is like a system that will continue working on itself, and that is the reason why too many people get the same results day after day as they continue with the thoughts and beliefs they had the day before, is a repetition cycle.

Also that’s the reason why when we get up in the morning we usually do the same things as the day before.

Normally you would not think about this because it’s working on autopilot mode as I mentioned before, but when you become aware of this, you can start to see how a lot of repetition patterns take part in your life.

Build Through Repetition

The point of this is to understand that repetition is something that’s very powerful, it is something that dominates our lives.

Another small example is when you are going to write a phone number and start typing it, you are not even thinking it consciously.

You don’t think about what the numbers are, your body already memorized them based on repetition.

It is also something that requires very little energy to function since our brain does not have to work very hard doing this, and as you can imagine, the brain always chooses the path that has less resistance, that being the easy way to do things.

Now, because we have hypnotized ourselves to have the same thoughts over and over again, neurology and neuroscience tells us that neurons that work together repeatedly will wire together.

That also includes the negative thinking.

The good news is that when we learn to be conscious about what we are thinking; is when we obtain the true power to make changes in ourselves.

Start Creating Intention

Start with the intention of eliminate your focus on the negative.

Here I’m not talking about just saying “Hmm, it’s cool, I will try to be a little bit less negative”.

Our intention must be intense.

I’m talking about creating a true intention in your life with strong determination to achieve change.

Doesn’t matter how you feel in this moment, your feelings are not the focus point here, they are not what it’s affecting you.

We will focus on working on our thoughts, doesn’t matter if you feel sad, angry, joyful, scared or whatever.

After you set your intention, make sure that your act as if your life depends on it.

From now on you simply don’t admit negative thoughts on your life. Neither you can fall on the trap of trying different common ways to get rid of their negative thoughts.

This includes creating distractions, entertainment, struggling with your thoughts, trying to ignore useless thoughts or “drowning in your sorrows” only to then suffer mentally from being trapped in your negativity, as this amplifies and makes things worse.

When you use this common strategies, it can often feel like an internal battle.

Since what this methods try is to stop the thoughts and numb the problem in the short term, but this only makes things worse in the long term.

Remove Negative Thinking From Your Life

The most important thing is feeling okay and comfortable with the negative thoughts that you have.

This sounds quite counterproductive. Right?

You would normally think that you are supposed to control the thoughts that enter your mind or not let them enter. Right?

But the thing is that we need to become aware that from the ego point of view, trying to control things only creates more resistance since we are trying to control another aspects of ourselves.

The incredibly powerful thing about this is knowing how this paradox works.

When we simply allow our thoughts to be there and do not control them, they will begin to flow and leave on their own.

As you learn to observe your thoughts without reacting to them, you will see them pass and leave your mind.

But if instead of doing this, when you become aware of a negative thought and try to control it, it will remain there, it will continue to create resistance.

But the moment you learn to observe your thoughts without reacting, you will see how it will simply happen.

Eventually, as you now feel okay with the fact that this thought is there, it will have nothing to feed on. It will have no reason to remain in you.

So the power of this is simply developing the awareness of the negative thought moving through your mind, letting it flow and dissipate, without including the reactive mind.

You are not trying to control anything, since that need to control thoughts comes from our ego.

Understand that the only control you need is over your own state of being and your level of consciousness.

Bottom Line

Now you can imagine how your negative thoughts were created, the truth is that only you know. As you are the one who does different things repeatedly in your life.

As we simply decide that we are going to feel the way we want, that we are going to adopt new positive traits in ourselves and take better decisions for our lives; that is where we can really have this type of power over our lives and our thoughts.

Another very important part of this process to really get rid of negative thinking is to understand that one of the key pieces here is to maintain consistency with the way we define ourselves.

Decide who you prefer to be in the present moment and develop your whole life around this.

You will begin to have a self-image that is more inspiring, you will begin to feel more confident in yourself.

You are the one who decides where to go now as you have this knowledge, make it happen.

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I wish you the best, see you on the next one!

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